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Proficient, engaged, lifelong readers, lifelong learners… 

Our elementary literacy program is responsive to scientific approaches to reading instruction, as we do this alongside our continued commitment to a student-centered literacy culture. A comprehensive literacy approach combines balanced and structured literacy models with careful attention to teaching structures, in both whole and small groups, in both print text and multimodal expressions, using data and NJSLS to drive instruction.  Early literacy (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) journeys through an active view of reading model (Duke & Cartwright, 2021; Serravallo, 2023) with boundless opportunity in unconstrained literacy skill work: oral language, word knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, motivation, and digital literacy. 

The secondary ELA program fosters a passionate, artful, and collaborative approach to rich literary content and standards-based literacy instruction with strategy-based differentiation, analytical thinking, real-world authenticity, and voice-filled expression.

​When our students are cultivated and engaged in challenging, meaningful, supportive, and relevant literacy instruction, they are self-motivated in their learning with advanced college and career-ready skills and enhanced cultural and literary perspectives.

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